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Hawkeye Wallpaper by Kera-Ilabaca-Belle Hawkeye Wallpaper :iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 75 15
The short Life of Selena Frost
My name is Selena Alice Frost, and these are the last moments of my life aboard the RMS Titanic....
I wasn't sure which way to go. My lifebelt was bulky and extremely heavy. Earlier I had been forced to rid myself of a few light garments to make the wearing of it more comfortable.
Everything was cold, and dark, people were scattered everywhere, men women and children alike and I had lost my mother in amongst the panicking crowd of people. I inhaled then exhaled, my body shuddering violently as I realised I needed to find a lifeboat.
People shoved each other in an attempt to get to the lifeboats. The air was filled with fear, yelling, screaming, and above all, worry.
At first I had thought the warning to be a drill, until I was told to put on a lifebelt and make for the top deck. This unnerved me to some extent and I still don't know what to make of it in all honesty.
I stopped for a few seconds and my breath caught in my throat. I closed my eyes and swallowed it down, smo
:iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 4 24
Her calculating green eyes searched the perimeter of the field and she snickered as she left the cover of darkness. Her long raven coloured hair spilled down her back like a flowing black river. She wasn't exactly anyone's idea of tall and most of her fellow students made fun of her for her height.
The raven haired girl grinned widely and motioned to two boys to follow her.
She was mostly a loner, her only trusted friend being Justin Finch-Fletchley. They were close, but she preferred to be alone, though she had some kind of fleeting friendship with the Weasley twins, whom she was beginning to get familiar with.
The two boys were none other than the Weasley twins, and it was evident the trio were about to cause trouble as Luciana had the Marauders map in her grasp. She quickly unfolded it, pressed her wand against the parchment and whispered in a slight voice "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."
"C'mon Luciana, it's almost dinner time!" one of the twins exclaimed, only to have Lucian
:iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 5 3
State of Emergency- Chapter 1
It always starts the same....
The roar of a V8 engine shattered the silence and a red, 1967 Ford Mustang came to a screeching halt outside a notorious strip club. Soon after, the engine of the vehicle shut off and everything was silent again.
The strip club seemed to be buzzing with life, sleazy men coming and going, the strippers standing outside for a cigarette, the neon lights flickering. Everything was seemingly normal, until two men stepped out of the vehicle, dressed head to toe in black. The taller one rubbed his gloved hands together and exhaled, his breath materialising before him and disappearing just as fast.
"C'mon Jones, we don't have alot of time," the taller man said to his companion who looked up and nodded rapidly.
"Yes sir."
It was fairly obvious they weren't there for the entertainment.
Both men walked casually to the door, the bouncer nodding and stepping aside to let the two men into the club, but as he did, three scantily dressed women staggered out,
:iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 0 10
Blue Skies Bring Tears, Part 1
Living in a post apocalyptic world was never all it was cracked up to be....
They told us there was hope...
They told us there was still civilization somewhere...
They told us to hold on.....
But everything they told us was a lie....
Now we live everyday wondering if we are going to survive in this barren wasteland....

It was cold....cold and dark...the only way I could describe how I was feeling. I could hear the steady, but constant drip dripping of water somewhere far off and it was just enough to irritate if I wasn't already irritated....
I get up, taking in the cold and the silence all at once, feeling it deep in my bones, like daggers stabbing into me simultaneously. I felt a shiver arc up my spine, branching out across my whole body, causing me to shudder heavily in spite of myself.
As I exhaled tiredly, the vapour of my breath coiled into the air before me like a dragon, slow and winding, before dissipating into the cold nothingness...
The air was cold, bu
:iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 0 0
In Darkness there Is light 4
Calypso was well known for her aptitude to sneak up on people, just saunter about aimlessly, soundlessly. Everyone knew who she was, and they didn't mess with her. She was a killer at heart and she was usually the hunter, not the hunted.
But not this time, someone...something, was stalking her from the shadows of the uninhabited buildings, she could feel it inspecting her, waiting....She shouldn't have been on her own, but there had been reports of stirrings within the dark of the city, gunshot that wasn't from her team....and she wanted to check it out despite the fact that the others had firmly told her not to leave the prison.
The crisp evening air whipped past her face, flicking her black hair around, obstructing her already bad vision, she knew that once the sun went down, they  would come out and she didn't want to be around when they did....
Calypso wasn't even dressed properly, not in the heavy combat gear she was used to. This time she was just wearing an old flak ja
:iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 0 6
In Darkness there Is light 3
A short fic on how Brad, Tahira and Nate were brought together.
Brad Colbert and Nate Fick are not mine, I'm just borrowing toys from someone else's sandbox and playing with them.
Generation Kill/28 Weeks Later Crossover.

They need to survive...and all they can do is argue amongst each other....
Her mismatched eyes stared into seemingly nothing. They shone bright with the last rays of sun, glimmered effervescently. She was one of the last survivors rescued from a building just south of DC after the infection swept through the city and now, her and her best friend were surrounded by various types of military based people.
There was a significant number of U.S Marines wandering around the prison, tending to survivors, women, men and children alike. But there was one in particular that she'd had her eye on for quite some time.
He spoke to her every night, they both would sit on the roof of the prison compound and watch the sunset, sometimes in silence. She'd noticed
:iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 0 4
In Darkness there Is light 2
Part One: Newfag 101
Third Person POV
"Ha! I never thought those mother-fuckin' dickasses would surrender, but damn!" Jonathan said, laughing.
"Yea, and I got to shoot. A lot!" Kera bantered quickly, grinning.  
"Come on. We have to look around and make sure there's no one else here."
"Hey guys get up here!" came a voice from upstairs.
"Who-" Kera started, but Matt cut her off.
"Andrew." The three headed up.
"What'd you find?" Matt asked.
"Three people. Two men, one girl. All American."
"Hm. Their names?" Matt questioned.
"Didn't get there yet. C'mon in." Matt, Jonathan, and Kera followed Andrew and saw the three people.
Both men had blonde hair and blue eyes. They were looking down around at the windows and the floor. Their faces were grimy, and you could easily see that both hadn't washed in weeks.
"What are your guy's names?" Andrew asked.
"I'm Brad, and this is Nate." The tallest guy said, gesturing to the other.
"Alright. And what about the girl." The two men glanced at
:iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 0 4
In Darkness there Is light
This is a Generation Kill/ I am Legend Crossover...well Not really, it just has two characters from Generation Kill in it.
Brad Colbert and Nate Fick are not mine, I'm just borrowing toys from someone else's sandbox and playing with them.
Tahira however is mine.
Their unearthly howls disturbed the night, they could be heard miles away and even then they still sounded horrifying, like fingernails being scraped down a blackboard, blood chilling and unnerving.
What people forget, what they forgot, is that everything was more vulnerable in the dead of night.......
Tahira couldn't sleep. She lay wide awake, sandwiched between Nate and Brad, her pupils dilated as much as possible as she listened to the shrieks, the cries of the Nightcrawlers...
She was warm but somehow she still found herself trembling violently, even her teeth chattered. She knew it wouldn't be long before either Brad or Nate...maybe both, woke up.
They were used to waking up in the middle of the night.
Tahira rolled over o
:iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 0 3
Desktop atm by Kera-Ilabaca-Belle Desktop atm :iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 1 5 Shark Eats Plane gif by Kera-Ilabaca-Belle Shark Eats Plane gif :iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 11 10 Dont mess wit dat by Kera-Ilabaca-Belle Dont mess wit dat :iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 3 21 AHAHHAHAHHA-wtf by Kera-Ilabaca-Belle AHAHHAHAHHA-wtf :iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 0 3 PLZ TO INSERT by Kera-Ilabaca-Belle PLZ TO INSERT :iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 13 11 New Zealand beauty. by Kera-Ilabaca-Belle New Zealand beauty. :iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 1 7 Me and my best friend by Kera-Ilabaca-Belle Me and my best friend :iconkera-ilabaca-belle:Kera-Ilabaca-Belle 0 11


Fireball by HoneyBunny13 Fireball :iconhoneybunny13:HoneyBunny13 8 31 Lady Lynx by jpizzle6298 Lady Lynx :iconjpizzle6298:jpizzle6298 2 11 Split the Sky and Tear Down Heaven SPN Dean/Cas by dauntingfire Split the Sky and Tear Down Heaven SPN Dean/Cas :icondauntingfire:dauntingfire 1,233 55 Cheetah Color Mutation Guide by ahillamon Cheetah Color Mutation Guide :iconahillamon:ahillamon 1,155 279
After The War
After the War
Lukas gave a weary salute to the sentries as he trudged back into the harsh glare of the artificial lights that lit Cavern City Beta Three, otherwise known as B3. He had lost four more men to the vicious techno-barbarians on this patrol. Four more families that would lose a husband and father. He dreaded visiting them and offering what comfort he could. But that was how life was now, since the great war that had all but extinguished humanity in a nuclear inferno three generations ago. Some had survived by seeking refuge in the Cavern Cities, massive cities built deep in the Earth's crust. Others had survived simply because they had been lucky - or unlucky -  enough to live in an area that wasn't directly targeted in the war, and so had only suffered from some fallout. These were the ones who had become the brutal techno-barbarians, savage tribes of mutated humans who roamed the ravaged surface, scavenging what technology and supplies they could from the burnt ou
:icondireapostasy:DireApostasy 1 2
The charred remnant of a feather floats softly to the ground, it's airy path undisturbed by strong wind or the slightest breeze. Silence has fallen over the city, in every direction you look there are discarded items of lives long gone – purses, bags, shoes; even the roof tiles of the many once proud standing buildings have chosen to loosen from their bonds and slip away to the ground.
Smashed glass litters the pavement, each pool of glistening fragments a mere memoriam of the cars and windows that once bore the winds and weather. For a brief moment you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin before it is once again snatched behind the sheet of perpetual cloud – it is comforting. Daylight is quickly retreating, and tonight will be a fresh battle.
Today? Today is just day 53.
:iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 2 2
Fallout Movie Poster by EspionageDB7 Fallout Movie Poster :iconespionagedb7:EspionageDB7 196 58 Bonds Of Steel - Episode Fourteen by Ghanima-Atreides Bonds Of Steel - Episode Fourteen :iconghanima-atreides:Ghanima-Atreides 7 18
The life and times of Death 7
I stumbled down the stairs, and the next thing I knew, I had toppled down all of them head over heels.  When the tumulous fall stopped, I massaged my head and other joints before slowly pushing myself to my feet while making a mental note to never zone out while descending stairs.  With that, I took in a deep breath and resumed walking towards the Dead Pool.  I went into the family library on the second floor and researched Drake, the first Reaper and the original head of the Reaper family.  However, the research had been vague and cloudy, and upon the horrible information they had on him, I had decided to try talking to him in person.  Something no one had ever dreamed of doing, let alone wanted to.  Besides, anyone in the Reaper family was not spiritually limited to Dead Pools.  They could in fact wander wherever they chose to, which meant he could in fact be anywhere since he had died over 2,000 years ago. 
:iconthe-sannin-rox:the-sannin-rox 4 6
TogrutaBountyHunter Commission by ElTheGeneral TogrutaBountyHunter Commission :iconelthegeneral:ElTheGeneral 289 47 THE SITH by Nefrit THE SITH :iconnefrit:Nefrit 244 77 cat-demon by Ekimen20 cat-demon :iconekimen20:Ekimen20 1 0 THE_MEETING by donmalo THE_MEETING :icondonmalo:donmalo 2,399 349 Black Smoke as Alex by Cocoz42 Black Smoke as Alex :iconcocoz42:Cocoz42 20 2
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Hot Strain-Ch1-Nina :iconwinter-forever:Winter-Forever 1 0
Hurt Locker - Jeremy Renner WP by fat-man-boy Hurt Locker - Jeremy Renner WP :iconfat-man-boy:fat-man-boy 29 8




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